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Mark attended Reach For The Stars Academy of Dance, under the directorship of Miss Mary Marrone, and is now a part of the faculty. At age nineteen Mark joined the Albano Ballet Company under Joseph Albano as a corps member where he remained for five intense, arduous years of ballet training. Throughout that tenure, he gradually grew to soloist roles in both The Nutcracker and other ballets. While Mark was with Albano, he had many unique performing experiences including three ballet balls, children’s shows, and various other private events.

Performance Experience:
Reach For The Stars Annual Recital 2010-Present

  • Various Roles

Rick Astley, Why not a Ballet on Love? (Jazz) Spring 2018

  • Don’t Say Goodbye Girl chorus

Joseph Albano’s The Nutcracker 2013-2017

  • Prologue Father
  • Mouse King
  • Arabian Soloist
  • Trepak Soloist
  • Waltz “Escort”

Peter and The Wolf Summer 2017

  • Soloist, Grandfather

Americana  Summer 2017

  • Demi-Soloist in both first and second movements

Surreal Romantique Boradin Summer 2016

  • Demi-Soloist in first, second, and fourth movements

The Minister’s Black Veil Summer 2014-2015

  • Corps, Wedding Party

Ishtar Summer 2015

  • Demi-Soloist, third masked character

Swan Lake Summer 2015

  • Corps, Hunter

Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dances, Summer 2014

  • Corps, second and third movements

An American In Paris, Summer 2013

  • Monkey Grinder walk on part, ( first role)

Additional Interesting Tidbits: 
While dancing with the Albano Ballet Company, Mark actually discovered that he had a knack, (and love) for dancing En Pointe, and trained vigorously on his toe shoes for three of his five years with the company. In doing so, he taught himself many of the female variations out of sheer fun, including roles from the Nutcracker, such as the Spanish Fan Dancer, The Dew Drop, and The Sugar Plum herself. Due to the small size of the company, each member learned every part to every ballet, and he filled in for both male and female roles where it was needed, depending on what was required during that rehearsal. Mark rarely forgets the choreography he has learned no matter the ballet, and was a pivotal resource in restaging some of Joseph Albano’s works. One ballet in particular being The Mystery, which is a score composed by Carlisle Floyd, regarding childbirth and motherhood. Mark knows two of the five solos perfectly, and can execute them with profound technique and accuracy. The other three are also in his brain, it just requires some extra thinking. During Nutcracker season, the ballet reached out to local dancing schools in order to give the kids the opportunity to perform in a real authentic nutcracker. In doing so, Mark was tasked with choreographing, additional parts for the children to perform. The interesting challenge was coming up with choreography that would not detract from the professional dancers onstage, but rather accentuate, and almost enhance the illusion of the performance. When he was younger, and still danced at RFTS, Mark performed at one of the half-time shows for the UCONN Women’s Basketball. He also had the honor of performing at the last Big East Finals Game in history. Besides his dance roles, he has also performanced in various small theater productions and musicals.
Teaching Experience:


Reach For The Stars Academy of Dance. Terryville, CT Fall 2014-Present

  • Ballet
  • Jumps, Leaps, and Turns
  • Sassy Jazz
  • Hip-Hop
  • Nutcracker Repertoire

Limelight Dance Studio, Guilford, CT Summer 2017-Present

  • Ballet
  • Jumps, Leaps, and Turns
  • Sassy Jazz
  • Hip-Hop
  • Nutcracker Repertoire

Gloria J Rosetti School of Dance Simsbury, CT Fall 2017, Nutcracker Season

  • Nutcracker Repertoire

Dance Xpressions LLC Plainville, CT Fall 2017, Nutcracker Season

  • Nutcracker Repertoire